Murder on Anonomy Part One

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 6

Right, so I have opened my account on BogWorld, have sent out 50 friend requests, joined 20 groups before my mouse gave up in exhaustion, have now started on my dastardly plan for world domination, and after all that effort have accumulated a grand total of exactly one comment on my opus magnus on anonomy. Big deal. Still, it is only the beginning, by my calculations, at the present rate of networking and backing I should have risen exactly one place up the great ranking system in anonomydom by xmas. That’s xmas 3015. 😀
Back to work. The mouse has been reassembled and is now clicking busily away. Bogworld is the place to be, after all. Why, I have had twenty friend requests from nubile mermaids and smelly puppies, plus one octopus, and joined another fifteen groups since lunchtime, the spam in my inbox is now practically a mountain . . .it’s just fun fun FUN!
Back to commenting and backing and rating on anonomy too . . . what shall I do today : 3 stars, then 2 stars, then 1 star . . .or other way around . . .
Comments I think shall begin with ‘Utter crap’ or ‘Quite promising – for an amateur.’
And back the ones waaaaay down at the bottom, so I get pushed up higher. Didn’t take long to work THAT one out . . .

. . . Click.
‘Hey! Welcome back to BogWorld! We missed you !
While you’re here, did you know that you have acquired 550 friends here in our little part of the universe ? This qualifies you for Popular Status; this means you can now recommend products on the Popular Status Page : things like your favourite film, book, shop, designer, tv programme – you name it, you recommend it !
See you around, have fun !
The BogWorld Team.’

‘Hi everyone, this is Puke, on the Popular Status Page.
So, my recommendations for today : this is an easy one. It’s a book. By me. And it’s online, YOU CAN READ IT FOR FREE THIS MONTH! Just click on the link below, you may have to join the Foreign Legion in the meantime, but it will be worth it.

Ok you guys, here’s the link : on Anonomy/

(Message from Bogworld team : Congratulations ! This recommendation is now on the Popular Status page and has also been sent to your 550 friends. )

Message from ManicRobot to Puke : ‘Hey dude, does this mean you is a writer ? Hey man, you is one intellect and I am proud to know you ! Am checking out your link as we speak! 😉

Message from KittyMouse to Puke : OMG, you WRITE ?!!!!! I have SOOOO wanted to write a book since, like, forever ? You are my hero, I am so enthusiastic about this, I think I gonna CRY! 😀

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 8

Well, that wasn’t so painful. Next thing is, YouTube. Stick a whole collage of photos together, some tastefully chosen music and sound effects, a few lines from the book and we’re ready to go. I’m thinking this could go places. Might even accept the Oscar this time round 😀
As most of the members on BogWorld have problems reading, for one reason or another, I have decided to let them off reading the book, I have set it up so all they need to do is click on the link, sign up , back and receive a personal, automated recommendation from me on BogWorld for whatever their little hearts desire. Can’t do a better deal than that, I’d say.

‘Message from BogWorld:
Hi there ! We thought we’d mention, we have the new revised Virtual BogWorld up and running, why don’t you give it a try ? You can discover new territory, build a zone, even build an empire ! And it’s all free ! So what are you waiting for ? GET OUT THERE AND BUILD !!!! :D’


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