Murder on Anonomy Part Two

Now this is where it starts to become hard work.
I jump to the Virtual World that is Bog – nice scenery, some sort of island with vegetation and strange looking animals. And people. Apparently, I am supposed to be one of those people. I am immediately told to ‘create my personality’. Create my personality ? As though my own personality is invisible and immaterial. Well, to be honest, we are all invisible on the web. Anonymous doesn’t quite cover it. Invisible and often impotent. Something else most of the characters spend a lot of time going on about.
Back to the character building though : you click on a box, right, and up comes an androgynous cartoon figure. All quite cute so far. I then have to click on wardrobe, wig, shoes, and face. There’s pirate, slave, concubine, merchant trader, shopkeeper . . . I continue to run through the range and settle for gardener. No poet or writer characters here, you see. Have indeed emailed BlogWorld about this very issue, as it seems to me to be somewhat prejudiced. I may have to subvert this whole set up as well as Anonomy, we’ll see how it goes.
Anyway, there I am, in clogs, straw hat, dungerees and equipped with bucket and rake – looking more ready for building sand castles on the beach than actual gardening – the next thing I know I’m accosted by some night guards (who were certainly NOT one of the optional characters) and kidnapped. My present virtual environment appears to be some local aristo’s garden shed. I am allowed out once I have tidied up flower pots lying about on the ground. Not sure I have time for this . . .

. . . Click.
‘Hey! Welcome back to BogWorld! We missed you !
While you’re here, did you know that you have acquired 730 friends here in our little part of the universe ? This qualifies you for Popular Status; this means you can now recommend products on the Popular Status Page : things like your favourite film, book, shop, designer, tv programme – you name it, you recommend it !
See you around, have fun !
The BogWorld Team.’

‘Hi everyone, this is Puke, on the Popular Status Page.
So, my recommendations for today : this is another easy one. This time, it’s a little film on Youtube. By me. And it’s online. Just click on the link below, it’s quite fun, and by the way, it also explains how to back my book on anonomy.
Ok you guys, here’s the link : /Author/ Murder on Anonomy/

(Message from Bogworld team : Congratulations ! This recommendation is now on the Popular Status page and has also been sent to your 730 friends. )

Message from SteamKettle to Puke : ‘So you’re a film maker as WELL ?!!ACE!!

Message from GirlyFace to Puke : ‘Hey, this is cool, I luuuurve weird kind of stuff like this . . . where do I click ?

Message from Barking Mad to Puke: Woof! Woof woof, woof woof, woof. WUFF! 😀

Message from BigCrisis to Puke: So what is this backing thing ? Do I have to pay anything ?

Message from Coppaloadadis to Puke : Sure, no prob. Just point me in the right direction.

Message from SlightlyHysterical : I believe in supporting artists, you are an artist, when you have time, please look at my portfolio and profile : SlightHystProfileFunkyArtPortfolio at

Message from CoochyCoo to Puke : Hi Big Boy, I am –


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