Murder on Anonomy Part Six

Anonomy NewsFeed : EtherAuthor backed No Empty Returns
Nid backed Evening Out
Nid backed Murder on Anonomy
TickledtoBits backed Evening Out
TickledtoBits backed Murder on Anonomy
Crumbs backed Murder on Anonomy
Rarebit backed Murder on Anonomy
CurlingTongs backed Evening Out
RebelHeart backed Evening Out
Whistler backed Murder on Anonomy
RebelHeart backed Murder on Anonomy
BeyondthePale backed Murder on Anonomy
FatBat backed Evening Out
NightCreature backed Evening Out
BigWig backed Murder on Anonomy
SideWhiskers backed Murder on Anonomy . . .

Anonomy Forum :
The place to discuss writing, reading, books and publishing . . .

Thread : Ridiculous !

PinkSocks : This is ridiculous; have you people no sense ? Will you people STOP this mindless backing ? There is no reason to encourage this kind of gaming – it just lowers the whole ethos of the site.

Nefarious : What ethos ? 😉

PinkSocks : Some of us are serious about what’s at issue here.

Nefarious : For instance ? That the whole website is one huge publicity stunt ? Or that networking and promotion is the ONLY way to get published ? Take your pick.

PinkSocks : It’s called gaming by anyone’s definition. I call on Anonomy to do something about it. A lot of us have worked hard to move even a little way up the scale.

BigWig : ‘A lot of us have worked hard to move even a little way up the scale’ – Um, doesn’t that just define how NOT to go about it on this site ? Just sayin’.

Cid EL : I agree with PinkSocks on this one; a lot of us do take the trouble to read and review, without always asking for return reads or backing – and there has been a feeling for some time that the best books are NOT reaching the top. Now that can’t be good for anyone – including Anonomy itself.

TickledtoBits : This is all beginning to sound very familiar. But hey, I backed both those books because I enjoyed both those books. I can’t speak for the others . . .

Nefarious : I feel itchy for another Night of RELENTLESS BACKING !!!!! 😀


Anonomy Forum :
The place to discuss writing, reading, books and publishing . . .

Nefarious : Ok everyone, how about we do another stint ? Everyone ready, steady GO !

NewGirl : Um, I’m new here. Not quite sure how it all works here. Is this some kind of online parlour game !

Nefarious : You got it in one, NewGirl – so, stick around, have some fun.! 😀

BigWig : Now that’s just naughty, leading innocent lambs to the frying pan . . . hope you remembered to sprinkle with rosemary first ! 😉

DoubleWavyLines : Naughty naughty ! 😛 Where do we start ?

Nefarious : Well, I am starting with ‘No Time to Play.’

DoubleWavyLines : Good one ! I read that one too !

Anonomy NewsFeed : Nefarious backed No Time to Play
DoubleWavyLines backed No Time to Play
Nefarious backed Quik!
Nefarious backed The Well
Nefarious backed The Catcher
DoubleWavyLines backed Hell Unbound
PsychoGrunge backed A Right Mess
Nefarious backed Moving On
DoubleWavyLines backed Recalling Ethel
DoubleWavyLines backed The Last Page
Nefarious backed Worn
Nefarious backed My Name is Thor
Nefarious backed Lost
DoubleWavyLines backed Waiting for Rosencrantz
PsychoGrunge backed The Final Plot
Nefarious backed Bedevilled

Anonomy Error message : Sorry, Anonomy is experiencing problems due to increased amounts of traffic. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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