Murder on Anonomy Part Seven

Anonomy NewsFeed : EtherAuthor’s Inbox

DoubleWavyLines left a message : Hi, well, review sounds promising – what you going to do ?
BrollyNorth left a message : Hey, congrats on reaching the Desk – and getting the review – how do you feel about it ?
Nefarious left a message : Hi, how are things ? Hope that review didn’t get you down: I thought it was pretty positive.
PsychoGrunge left a message : You going to rewrite like the man said ? Shows promise ? Gee, well, I’m not a publisher, but I’d buy it as is. . .
PinkSocks : Hi, sorry the review wasn’t better, maybe just goes to show, gaming isn’t the answer. Better luck next time.

Cid El : Stick around on the forums though, won’t you ?

Anonomy Blog :
Hi everyone, we are delighted to announce the publication of Kitty Mouse’s ‘Evening Out’. This is thrilling news, as we’re sure you will all agree, and a great example of what Anonomy is about – getting the best books to the top for publication.
In our interview with KittyMouse she shares with us her writing history, her dreams and aspirations . .
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Interview with KittyMouse :

How long have you been on the site ?
KM : Just over a month !

In your time on the site, what do you feel helped you most ?
KM : Oh there is so much, it’s hard to know what to put first : contact with real writers, exchange, reading some really great work ! It’s all just been soooooo much fun!

What inspired you to write this book ?
KM : I was walking past a choclatier’s one day – and they had some really cute figurines in the window – not quite the ones I describe in my book, but I thought, hey, that’s cool – what would happen if . . . and five minutes later I was in a café with a notebook, jotting down ideas (haha, no spoilers here !)

How long did it take you to write the book in its present form ?
KM : Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. Oh and I have to mention the guy who really started me on this journey – EtherAuthor; funnily enough, I met him on another website, and when he said he’d written a book – I was so impressed, I just had to start then and there ! And we both ended up on the Desk at the same time ! So thank you , EtherAuthor, really wish you the best of luck ! Hope to see you on the forums again!

How are you feeling now that you know you’re going to be published ?
KM : Thrilled of course – and a little bit nervous – like, it’s not really going to happen ? Like a dream. So, I’m trying not to think about it too much. Seriously! 😀 But that doesn’t always work !

Thank you KittyMouse, and good luck with the launch !


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