Murder On Anonomy Part Five

Anonomy Forum :

The place to discuss writing, reading, books and publishing . . .

Thread : All right, take a look at this . . .

EtherAuthor : No titles, just opening paragraphs – then you decide which one you would continue reading . . .

‘Once he’d clicked on ‘Create Account’ he immediately began to have misgivings. Five minutes after that, he sat back and stared at the screen. A whole new world stared back at him.

‘What would you like to do now ?’ came up the polite message on the cream page with tastefully arranged inkblots. A sequence of options swam past invitingly in carousel, pausing for tantalising seconds before fading away. ‘Open a thread . . .’ ‘Visit the Home Page . . .’ ‘Edit your book . . .’ ‘Upload a new project . .’

He waited a few rounds before clicking. Now or never. Ten minutes later, and his opus magnus was uploaded, visible for the whole world wide web to peruse – and messages were pouring into his account inbox.

‘Hi there, welcome to Anonomy, care to read mine ? I will reciprocate !’

‘Hi, I’ve watchlisted yours, will you look at mine in return ? Like, soon ? 😀 ’

‘Hi bummer, don’t waste your time here . .  it’s a game for losers. Why don’t you have a look at ‘Readers for Writers ? (Just google it !)’

OR :

‘Margy lifted the lid gingerly, and lifted the pink tissue. Her eyes widened. ‘Ohmigosh! Where did you find THESE ?!!!’ she whooped.

‘Cute, eh ?’ replied Jonty, looking on almost paternally as his cousin gazed longingly at the chocolate figurines lying in their maze of gold tray pockets, each one detailed down to the buttons on boots and roses on hats.

‘But who makes them ? They’re fantastic !’

‘It’s a new place, just up and running, they show the moulds in the window, nice arrangements and stuff.’

‘Oh, you just have to tell me where it is – I am so gonna get them in for my next reunion !’

Strangely, Jonty couldn’t remember where, and suddenly became rather busy with feeding Hercules the Hamster. This involved putting on a fencing mask and gauntlets (Hercules had been getting rather restive of late) and by the time they had cleaned up the mess on the floor and bandaged Jonty’s knee where Hercules got him in an unguarded moment, the subject had been all but forgotten.’

Which one would you go for ? Seriously ?

Nid : Hey, I know that one about the chocolates – Evening Out – it’s brilliant – I can thoroughly recommend it.

EtherAuthor : But have you read both ? And surely you can’t take the plot-line seriously in Evening Out ?

Nid : Hey, why not ? No more crazy than anyone else’s here. What’s the other one called ?

Cid El : Murder on Anonomy – Doing quite nicely thank you, I think !

PinkSocks : What is the purpose of this thread, exactly ?

EtherAuthor : Pretty straightforward, really. Which would you read ?

PinkSocks : Isn’t this just another of your threads where you trash other people’s work while promoting your own ? On top of mindlessly backing other people’s books without reading, offering swap backings and generally gaming to get to the Desk . . I could go on, but the list just is endless . . .

EtherAuthor : No different from anyone else – I’m just promoting – which is what it’s all about here.

KittyMouse : Hi, y’all ! I just have to say, I don’t think EtherAuthor has broken any rules, (although that All Night Backing activity the other day might have overloaded the system a bit ! :D) and I hope we can all reach the Desk together !

Did I say I shall be taking my book down soon, as I have some agents and editors showing interest ?

EtherAuthor : Yes, we know. The sooner, the better.

KittyMouse : Aaawwww, thanks ! 😀

MuppetMonster : THE END IS NIGH !!!!

EtherAuthor : (post has been deleted)


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