Murder on Anonomy Part Four

Anonomy Forum :
The place to discuss writing, reading, books and publishing . . .

Plug Thread : Read My Book ! 😀

No but seriously . .

Plug Thread : A Body on the Ethernet . . .
Can you work out whodunnit ? Read Murder on Anonomy to find out . . . or just back it to get a return read and comment, plus backing ! Can’t say fairer than that, can I ?

Plug Thread : Online Detection . . .
Have we caught enough red herrings ? Read Murder on Anonomy to find out . . .

Plug Thread : The butler didn’t do it . . .
So read it to find out . . guaranteed return read (with possible backing) if you do ! 😀

Welcome back to ! You have a new comment.
KittyMouse commented on Murder on Anonomy.
Comment :
Dear Author (or is that Puke ? LOL)
I have finally read and backed your wonderful work. I think it is great. My only crit (and it is a teensy weensy one, oh hero mine) is the business in Chapter 9 when the arc of the story tends to get kinda tied down by the secondary character (I think it’s his interior existential monologue that does it . . .) other than that, I think it is just perfect and here’s hoping it gets picked up soon, all the best !
Kitty Mouse (An Evening Out)

Comment on Evening out, by EtherAuthor
‘Dear KittyMouse,
Having read your work, I think I must say that chocolate used in this kind of plot line teeters on the side of fanciful. Hope this helps . . .

Message from KittyMouse to EtherAuthor :
‘Hi Puke,
Well, you are welcome to your opinion. As an exercise in virtual reality, my humble offering is seeking the way out of this mess we call life . . .’

Bleah. What a total – . . . either way, a completely fake online persona.

Message from EtherAuthor to KittyMouse :
‘Ok, so you want to escape ‘this mess we call life’ . . .have you tried the gas oven ?’

Message from KittyMouse to EtherAuthor :
‘Puke ! That is so droll! 😀 But seriously, don’t you feel that this is such a wonderful place to help each other ? Here, online ? Take care – be happy! 🙂 ’

Help each other? Here, online ? That’s a joke. A big one. What has she done for me except pull the ethernet from under my feet ? I need ideas . . .


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