Murder on Anonomy Part Four

Anonomy Forum :
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Thread : More Socks!
BaggyEnds : Now we have 2 more suspects for the race to the Ed Desk . . . check out At the End and Devil’s Own – both shooting up, both backed by identical newbies who don’t have any other books on their shelves. . .

Gremlin : That’s the way it goes here. Think I’ll go get me some Sock Poppets too . . . 😉
MuppetMonster: I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PyschoGrunge : Thing is, Murder on Anonomy is still racing up to the top. I rather think the other two are trying to better Author at his own game.

MuppetMonster : THE END IS NIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BuleLog : It must be pretty obvious to Anonomy Admin what’s happening. Either they sort this out or we’ll all just leave . .

Nefarious : Speak for yourself. I’m quite happy here.

PsychoGrunge : But look how it’s messing up the system ! Blind backings of books just to get them to the Desk, irrespective of merit, while the rest of us slave away, reading, commenting, following the rules – these characters are just gaming the system.

MuppetMonster : WE ARE LOST !!!!!!!!

GreyWhiskers : I agree totally, it was never like this in the beginning. It’s gone mad. The question is though, does Anonomy care ? It’s just another publicity stunt for them, after all.

Cid El : I think I’m going to leave the site for a while.

MuppetMonster : WHERE ARE MY SOCKS ???!!!!

Nefarious : Aww, don’t do that. It’s a fun place to be, if you don’t take it too seriously.

BuleLog : I don’t know. Just seems to be a mindless popularity contest. I don’t think I can cut all the stress.

Cid El : I’ve just taken down my book. For now. See if things will improve.

MuppetMonster : WE’RE ALL DOOMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 15
This no good. My book is slipping down again, overtaken by three others : At the End, Devil’s Own and on top of all this, blasted KittyMouse’s Evening Out (which is still racing ahead . . )
My latest policy is to offer two backings for one. Goes against the grain. I’ve also been starting threads plugging My Own Book . . .


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