Murder on Anonomy Part Three

Anonomy Forum :
The place to discuss writing, reading, books and publishing . . .

Thread : (Introduce yourself) Hi from me and my little book . . .

‘Hi ! I am KittyMouse. SO I have finally decided to do it – write a book that is. It’s been a dream of mine for ever since, oh way back when , like, last month ? Last year ? Doesn’t matter. Like, it’s just so cool to be here with all you talented guys. And it’s all down to one really great guy, Author, he inspired me, boy is he my hero and now I am uploading the first few chapters of my novel – crime, chocolates and a deranged hamster with a smidgeon of romance; hope you like it : ‘Evening Out’.
Lovin’ it here already !!!!!


BlurbTicket : Hi, your pitch sounds interesting, am off to check . . .

NightSnuff : Have put yours on the list to read later.

Prowler : Cute avi.

KittyMouse : Thanks. Is your book on here ?

Prowler : Yup, check out ‘Untold’.

KittyMouse : There are just so many talented people on here ! I sure am going to feel intimidated . . .

NightSnuff : Don’t worry, we don’t eat kittens. Usually. . . 😉

KittyMouse : :D!!

Comment on Evening Out :

Hi KittyMouse,
As promised, I popped by to have a look, and boy did I get a surprise. This is good stuff. I’m giving it top rating. Will back as soon as have made some space on my shelf.
BlurbTicket (Stallion Target One)

Comment on Evening Out :

Hi, this is fun, I am enjoying so far. Have backed and will return for more !
(When you have time, could you have a look at ‘Beyond the Reckoning’?)

Comment on Evening Out :
Welcome to Anonomy, KittyMouse.
May I say how refreshing it is to come across something like this, bubbly, fizzing with humour and with a sharp plot combined. Good luck with the Desk !
Gorbles (A Man About Town)

‘Hi EtherAuthor, you have a new message from Click on the link below to access.’
KittyMouse has sent you a message.
KittyMouse has asked to be your friend. : My Messages :
‘Hi Puke /EtherAuthor ! Remember me ?’

(Cripes. KittyMouse. KittyMouse? KittyMouse! Here, on Anonomy ?!! What’s she doing here ? How ? Why ? What do I do ? What do I say?)

Reply from EtherAuthor to KittyMouse :
‘Hi, how is everything ? Thanks for signing up to back me, that is, if you did, er, back me ? I’m sure you did, only there’s no sign of it in my newsfeed . . . so perhaps it needs another spin on your shelf . . . ’

KittyMouse to EtherAuthor:
‘Hi, everything is fine, I am soooo enjoying this place, it is cooooool, I have uploaded the first few chapters of my book, and I am busy reading and backing, it is just GREAT!
Oh, and I will get around to backing yours soon, it’s just I am really busy at the moment, but I just wanted to say, thank you thank you thank you for showing me the way, you are my big inspiration !’

(Uh-oh. Big uh-oh. This is seriously not good. Her book has only been on Anonomy for half a day, but she has shot up in no time, and is close to overtaking mine . . . Not only is she making friends on here, she’s got friends coming over from BogWorld to back her book on Anonomy. On top of which , she hasn’t bothered to back mine yet ! The lengths some people will go to. It’s just disgraceful. Calls for more strategy. . .)


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