Murder on Anonomy Part Three

‘Hi Puke.’
‘Hi Gruel.’
‘I have a new ship’
‘That is one big ship.’
‘Going to invade the next island. Want to join ?’
‘Ok. How many people there?’
‘About 350.’
‘Ok. How about we take half each ? Could be good.’

BOGWORLD WARNING! : You’ve been invaded – prepare to barter your credits for your freedom . . .

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 14
Well that was sudden. And unexpected. And sudden too. Lost half the island, about half the population and quite a lot of credits. I retaliated by hijacking their ship and converting all their citizens to Anonomy – and my book :D.
By the end of the afternoon, we’d switched islands. I think I’m under siege at the moment ; I suppose the site deliberately sets up these sort of things just to keep members on their toes . . .
Had 70 more backings on Anonomy today though . . . so that part’s still working.
I just checked Help in the Bogworld Forum section : apparently, if I’m under siege, I can claim refuge on the Serendipity level – or go into battle . . . I have enough credits to launch a fleet. Apparently you select Army or Navy in Options, click on the map they give you and you’re off. I might just try that, see what happens . . .

Welcome back to ChatLive, PinkSocks.
Sign in.
You have 1 friends online. (RipeTomatoes)

PinkSocks : Hi, what happened to you ?
Ripe Tom : It was chaotic – I couldn’t get what was happening, so I logged out.
PS : It was weird – Puke got besieged, then he went into battle and beat the others – still don’t know how he did that. I suppose there are just a lot of other players on there; in the meantime tho, I made 100 friends and got them to back both our books.
RT : Hey, that’s brilliant ! I’ll go back on and do the same.
PS : You do that, it’s quietened down a bit now, I think.
(Ripe Tomatoes has signed out.
PinkSocks has logged out)


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