Murder on Anonomy Part Two

Anonomy Forum :
Thread : Sock Armies ? . . .

Muzzled: Am I the only one ? Or has anyone else noticed the meteoric rise of this book (Murder on Anonomy) up through the ranks ? Has anyone actually read it ?

PinkSocks : I noticed just the other day how many shelves it’s on. Have you clicked on any of the backers’ profiles ? No other book on their shelves, no avi, no profile . . .

PsychoGrunge : Plus, the author goes around leaving really negative comments on everyone else’s work . . .

Nefarious : Yeah, he rubbished mine !

BuleLog : Yeah, mine too !

Cid El : And mine !

PinkSocks : Plus he only backs people who will back him in return.

Nefarious : He backed Teetering.

BuleLog : And Beggery.
PsychoGrunge : And Witching It.

PinkSocks : Just have a look at the messages they leave him . . . ‘Thanks so much. Have backed in return. Good luck. YuppyPuppy, Teetering’.

And ‘Thanks so much. Have backed in return, plus I have two other friends here who will back you. Just mention me. Good luck. Peek, Witching It’.

‘Hi, this is to say I backed yours; could you reciprocate as agreed ? Beggery.’

Need I go on ?

BuleLog : This stinks. I’m leaving. SELF-DELETE.

PinkSocks : Why give in ? You just make it easier for the others . . .

PyschoGrunge : I agree.

MuppetMonster : WHERE ARE MY TABLETS ?!!

Nefarious : Well, perhaps I should message AnonAuthor immediately and claim a backing ! LOL 

MuppetMonster : WHERE ARE MY TABLETS ?!!


Welcome back to ChatLive, PinkSocks.
Sign in.
You have 3 friends online. (Nid, RipeTomatoes,Nefarious)

PinkSocks : Hi. You there ? (You have just sent a nudge)
RipeTomatoes : Yup, here. Thnx for the email. Really makes a lot more sense, I had been wondering about EtherAuthor’s tactics for some time. What say we sort him ‘

PinkSocks : Sort him ? How ?

RipeTomatoes : I’m going networking. Online. He’s bound to be on some other website . . .

PinkSocks : I think he’s on BogWorld – someone mentioned bumping into him on there.

RipeTomatoes : Oh ? Anyone I know ?

PinkSocks : Remember DoubleWavyLines ? It was her. I shall email her and get her to find out more.

RipeTomatoes : That could be a good start . . .

Email to RipeTomatoes from PinkSocks :
‘Well, I’ve done it. Signed up to BogWorld. Username is Nemesis. Good, huh ? How about you ? EtherAuthor has managed to acquire nearly 1000 ‘friends’ on BogWorld; that’s where all the backings for his book on Anonomy are coming from. What gets me is he’s so blatant about it all; he even blogs about his tactics! What is all that about ? It’s quite simple to sign up, BTW. . .’


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