Murder on Anonomy Part Two

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Thread : Elementary, My dear Anonomy . . .

PinkSocks : I don’t get it. Why is a certain book sailing up the ranks and mine is going nowhere ? I mean, I read, I back (I don’t have time to sit behind the computer all day) – I don’t see much activity going on at the author’s profile page . . . 

DoubleWavyLines : It’s the system. He’s probably brought in a whole sock army.


PinkSocks : I am going to ask some of my friends to come and back, I think. If you can’t beat’em, join ‘em.

DoubleWavyLines : Way to go ! LaLaBumps offers several return backings, hers is fantasy horror genre.

MuppetMonster : WHERE ARE MY TABLETS !

PinkSocks : Ugh, not that keen on fairies and elves to begin with, does this mean Dracula biting dwarves or what ?

DoubleWavyLines : Something like that, yeah, I’m not looking for backings so I haven’t really read it . . .

RipeTomatoes : I’ve backed your book, PinkSocks. I’ll back it again if it will help.

PinkSocks : Awww, that’s so sweet, I think I’ll go and make some tea now . . .

MuppetMonster : I HAVE NO COFFEE !!

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 10

Stranger and stranger – having tidied up the pots and planted a geranium or two, I have suddenly been elevated to the status of head gardener, with own house – a lot of my virtual friends have joined already.
Barely Human is already running several inns and taverns here (although he still can’t read) KittyMouse has opened a beauty salon, and is still dreaming of writing that novel. The place is filling up. . .Bartering is allowed, either by doing something for someone (geraniums in my case for instance) or handing over items you have picked up along the way. So far I have found a spade and a rolled up carpet. Am I thrilled or what. . .

‘Welcome back to Virtual BogWorld!’
‘Hi. I am Tod. Who are you ?’
‘Hi. I am Puke.’
‘Puke. Funny name.’
‘Yup. Like yours.’
‘I am a merchant. Would you like some beads ?’
‘Funny, very funny. Have you got any beer ?’
‘No beer. Only wine.’
‘What you want in exchange ?’
‘What have you got ?’
‘Um . . .bucket ? Spade ? Carpet ?’
‘Carpet is fine. Do you want to become a merchant ?’
‘Can I ?’
‘Sure. Click Options, then on Character; like when you sign in first time.’
‘Right, here goes – what was that noise ?’
‘What noise ? Oh no – Pirates. RUN!’

My Blog :
Hello World ! (You can edit this later on)
Day 11
Well. That was . . . almost exhilarating. Had it been real, no doubt my adrenalin would have been flowing freely along. As it was, a mere frisson, after which we were bundled off to some pirate ship (rather quaint – the Captain’s cabin which I was set to clean, had lace curtains. Wonder who they get to do the research on these things . . .) Anyway I’ve already worked my way up from enslaved cabin boy to half-paid bo’sun. And I am seriously considering joining them as a pirate. Options button beckons. . . apparently we can change up to three times, so I had better think carefully . . .
Manic Robot is also on board, he’s good for a few more hundred backings on Anonomy in return for a few favours on Bogworld. I’m quite getting into this Virtual World thingummy . . .


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